Director: Ron Heerkens Jr

Take a jaunt with me down one of my favorite “downhill” routes in Rochester (Perinton) NY. The Crescent Trail winds over 18 miles, but by far my favorite is a section that comes down from the overlook at Woodcliff. The Demon Drop ( You start out on a roller of Orange and quickly descend onto RED before getting abused a bit then transferring over to the rocket ride that is BLUE all the way to the parking lot. Running a bit sore and injured I’m far from where I used to be, but it sure was fun to live like the old days.

VIDEO by Ron Heerkens JR & Goat Factory Media Entertainment

MUSIC: Fortress – Roary Cant Stop Me Now // Oh the Larceny Somebody Like Me // Warcub Musicbed SyncID: MB01WUP6KASK60G


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